The power of personalisation in your learning strategy

//The power of personalisation in your learning strategy

The power of personalisation in your learning strategy

If it’s presumed that every person is different, with different motivations and ways of thinking, behaving, reacting and absorbing information, then it only makes sense to recognise and cater for those differences in your eLearning strategy.

While in the past, many organisations simply provided a one-size-fits-all learning approach, now those organisations are acknowledging the undeniable power of personalisation.

So, what is personalisation? In the workplace, it refers to the process in which learning objectives, learning content and sequences are adjusted or optimised for each learner’s needs and capabilities.

This new approach incorporates competency-based learning or adaptive learning, in which learners advance through a learning pathway based on their individual skills and needs. As the name suggests, the learning pathway changes depending on a learner’s comprehension and application of required skills or concepts.

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Learning can occur individually or in class or group scenarios, and importantly, data is collected on every learner’s performance, which is measured against established criteria. The data then drives the personalised adaptive learning pathway, upon which each learner’s performance is measured again to enable improvement and improve competency and productivity.  While high performing employees will usually take advantage of adaptive learning to sharpen their skills, lower performing people effectively use it to improve their performance.

As Workstar’s Head of Sales Sue Fell says, “Because of the very real differences in human behaviour and capabilities, it’s so important that every learning strategy recognises the importance of personalisation. We can now create customised learning experiences and offer personalised pathways that recognise learner differences, while still working towards common business objectives, and this is vital.”

At Workstar, we’ve created a range of exciting solutions for our clients that integrate adaptive pathways and recognise the power of personalisation. If you’d like to learn about our digital learning capabilities, and how we can collaborate to help your people be more productive and successful, please get in touch today.

We love immersing ourselves in new approaches to learning, and if you’d also like to read our eBook which covers the major trends for 2018.

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