Bring your learning to life


Our highly effective experiential Scenarios & Simulations embed best practice and dramatically improve the way your people engage with your customers and with each other. This ensures you foster a productive work place, and ultimately, consistently satisfy your customers.

Servicing customers, closing sales, dealing with objections, working effectively together, learning new software, utilising CRMs and delivering a quality product are skills and behaviours best learned through experience.


Workstar’s experiential Scenarios and Simulations create a safe, virtual environment for people to develop and practice the superior skills that are essential to your business’ success without damaging your brand or reducing your productivity.

Our Scenarios and Simulations contribute the 70% of learning needs that require direct experience by creating a virtual environment where people can encounter real situations, make decisions, learn from mistakes and directly see how their choices impact the performance of the business.

We use the latest techniques in learning design, animation, illustration and interactive video to bring your learning to life and develop best practice in your organisation.

  • Learn by doing in a virtual environment
  • Practice in a safe environment
  • Learners “discover” the best practice approach leading to a higher level of personal ownership for implementing the learning
  • Learn the link between choices about business outcomes
  • Use illustration and animation to create virtual environments
  • Use photo real environments to bring characters and settings to life
  • Use interactive video to create strong connections and empathy with people