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Guided conversations transform every frontline manager into a successful, pro-active and confident trainer. It provides managers with relevant digital conversation aids that allow them to have engaging one-on-one sessions with their employees about the key objectives of your business.

A manager’s role is to steer the frontline of your organisation. They can make or break your initiatives and strategies through the trusted relationships they have with their staff.


Conversation Aids are touch-based interactive tools that bring the manager and employee together around a shared experience, engaging them in an on-message, but open and casual discussion. This leverages the trusted relationship, making the training more effective, and ensuring that employees’ individual needs are addressed by their manager at the same time. In addition to being highly effective, the Conversation Aids tools are a flexible and affordable alternative to traditional classroom training, and can be used alongside or instead of digital learning.

  • Create effective shared experiences
  • Deliver consistent but contextualised messages
  • Turn managers into trainers
  • Leverage the employee-manager relationship
  • Use interactivity to reinforce key messages
  • Reduce expensive face-to-face training
  • Set training KPIs for managers
  • Uses multiple learning modes, social, kinaesthetic and visual
  • Tracks and reports on where conversations are being had and the results