Just In Time

With so much comprehensive information to process, people can no longer be expected to remember every piece of learning data, which makes on-the-job support more important than ever.

The digital age has ensured that resources for job support can now be accessed on the go via smart phones or tablets.

Now creatively places these resources in people’s pockets, not only making critical information instantly accessible when they need it, but also creating new opportunities for learning on-the-go through small learning bites, tools and scenarios.

  • Customer recommendation tools
  • Quick facts when you need them
  • Mobile scenarios for preparing on the go
  • Offline learning for Improved productivity
  • Scan a QR Code or Barcode for job support
  • Push job support based on location
  • Phone & Tablet (iOS & Android)
  • Accessed directly from a smartphone app, no access to LMS or other systems needed
  • Tracks all completions and results back to your LMS