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Since 2002 Workstar has helped corporations build customized digital learning based on real-life & practical situations that focus on learning by doing. Imitating real world scenarios our eLearning helps affect behavioural changes and get people to apply what they learn in their day to day job.

Customer Service

Workstar has a track record of delivering proven, effective, and engaging eLearning strategies for blue chip Australian businesses, enabling them to meet their business objectives and become truly customer-centric organisations.

Onboarding & Culture

While onboarding and induction programs help new employees learn and engage quickly, Workstar’s Culture digital learning programs are a proven and effective way to build a high performance culture.


Improving sales skills, customer experience and loyalty drives higher sales and profits – All possible with Workstar’s Sales eLearning solutions that help the sales professionals to produce bottom-line results.


Highly effective experiential Bespoke Scenario Based E-Learning & Simulations that embed best practice and dramatically improve skills by creating a safe, virtual environment for people to develop and practice essential skills that lead to business success.


Digital Learning Games or Gamification position your learning and training into a highly entertaining, fun and interactive narrative where individuals or teams compete to collect rewards and to win games.

Conversation Aids

E-Guided Conversation Aids are interactive tools bringing manager and employee together around a shared experience. It provides managers with relevant digital conversation aids allowing them to have engaging one-on-one sessions with their employees.

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